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Ready to go from employed to self-employed? Well, you’re in luck!

The Private Lessons Manual has insider tips, that until now we kept secret.  Because our subscribers demanded it, you can take your journey to being a self-employed pharmacist even further (and enjoy your profession much more).

The Private Lessons Manual is much more than a mere a step by step, (like the Coaching Series was). It’s more of an answer to the most asked questions and obstacles our readers faced.  Most of which revolved around the business tools section of the coaching series.

It’s also an inside look at what gave us a competitive edge….

You’ll also:

1. Learn from the best teacher.

They say learn from history or be forced to repeat it.  Because of this, the Manual includes a history of how everything got started.  I believe, there are subtle things about the origin of this venture that you can learn and grow from.  We also included competitive secrets regarding each of the following categories.  These secrets alone are probably worth a days’ pay at a new client or about $600.

 2. Just How Did We Do Our Marketing Letter?

We’ve received countless inquires about what our Marketing Letter looks like.  It was something we never thought we’d reveal.  We felt it was so simple, yet so effective.  It took us a lot of time and effort to get the results we wanted.

So now, we’re ready to reveal the letter that earned us 30 clients.  This letter alone is probably worth one day’s pay or about $600!

 3. Service Agreement

We also received numerous inquires about the Service Agreement.  You need a way to protect yourself and your client. Believe it or not there are ins and out of this too.   Judging from what are subscribers have done this could be worth anywhere from $10 to $100

4. Invoice

Lastly, you need a way to bill your client.  Believe it or not, some of our readers dropped the ball on this one too.  We show you some samples of how other invoices look like.  We also include an excel version of the invoice.  In case you still don’t have an invoice program you can keep using the excel version as a template.

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Private Lessons Manual
Private Lessons Manual
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