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Personality differences between successful independent pharmacists and unsuccessful ones

by Marvin on October 10, 2012

in Successful Habits

Helping out (or trying to help out) fellow pharmacists can sometimes be similar to being a traffic controller for an Airport. Not literally of course, but we do our best to help navigate aspiring independent pharmacists to their destination.

I’ll admit some that we’ve helped didn’t get anywhere.  Some hit a lot of head wind and turbulence and eventually landed somewhere nearby.  Some quit never getting off the ground thinking there’s no way to fly this bird.

But others we’ve helped, not only took off they’re flying on autopilot armed with the advice and support we gave them.

What was the difference?

Here are the X differences we believe separated those who had ‘The Right Stuff’ and those who’ve crashed and burned.

1. They Followed aPreflight Checklist.  While we do admire those who just jump in, there is something to be said for those who prepare.  You have to make sure you have your tool box set up.  Once you do that you can begin.


2. They Started Their Engines!  Most people never get to this step.  They talk about becoming independent.  They ‘ll read books about entrepreneurship.  They might even go to business seminars.  This is not a start.  This is thinking about starting.  This is getting the courage up to start.  This is debating with yourself if you should start.

You haven’t started until you have taken an action.

You haven’t started to be a runner because you think about running, or read a book about running, or go to a coaching session about running.

3. They followed the flight plan to a T.

They say life is a series of adjustments.  An airplane must constantly make tiny adjustments to stay on its intended flight path. Otherwise, that plane would go off course.  The longer it takes to get back on course.

When trying a process for the first time, it’s a good idea to try it as closely as possible to the original method.

It’s amazing how many times we’ll advise to do one thing and that advice is ignored.  The main problem is when people hear the advice, they think they can do it better.  For example, if we say, use a ‘Contract Service Agreement’, sometimes a student will think to themselves There’s no way an owner will want to do that.  I can trust them with a handshake agreement.

Try the process as exactly as possible the first few times then change it however you see fit.

3. They thought of the process as a numbers game

You really need to think of this process as a numbers game.  Over time, eventually you’ll succeed.  If you make only one inquiry, the chances are smaller than if you made hundreds of inquiries.  Many times a pharmacist will send out maybe ten letters, get no response and think, the process doesn’t work.

The process works, but you have to think of it as a numbers game.


Think like a successful pharmacist and you’ll be raising your chances at succeeding at being independent.  It comes down to deciding if you want to continue to work for the chain pharmacies.

OH yeah, if you like what I just said or if you agree or disagree, please leave us a comment!

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