Overcome Roadblocks to Becoming an Independent Pharmacist with Private Lessons

by Marvin on February 20, 2012

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How do you overcome a roadblock?  How often have you heard of someone quitting because they couldn’t overcome their roadblocks?  Have you ever quit because of a roadblock?  Have you quit at becoming an independent pharmacist because of a roadblock?


My Personal Roadblock

Before meeting Cindy, I was deeply into West Coast Swing Dancing.  I really wanted to be great at it.  I would go to the dance studio every night and test my mettle at dance competitions.

Unfortunately, no matter how much practice or effort I’d put into it I always placed either last or on a good day, second to last.  It’s not a great feeling to put so much effort into something and not see any results.

Frustrated and discouraged I almost quit for good because I just couldn’t succeed at it.  The most disheartening thing about it was I honestly had no idea what I was doing wrong.  I didn’t know how to overcome.  I had hit a roadblock.

Then one night, I was about to leave the class at the end of a lesson when one of my teachers tapped me on the shoulder.  I thought she was going to ask me what’s the matter, after all I was melancholy that night.

But that wasn’t it.  She explained she needed help with buying a computer and in return she would give me private lessons.  Of course I jumped at the chance.

Take Private Lessons

That decision to take private lessons from her turned things around for me completely.  She saw the mistakes I was making and worked with me to correct them.  She corrected aspects of my technique that I never would have thought were a problem.

But that little nudge, that little private lesson led me down the road to big improvements in my technique and a few wins as well.  If I hadn’t had someone help tweak my techniques I never would have gotten as far as I did.

Even though I thought I was doing every move correctly I still needed a nudge in the right direction.  And that nudge is what made all the difference.


Tapping Your Shoulder

Eventually I left the dance world and met Cindy.  But I was reminded of that part of my past after seeing the problems and issues many of you are facing.

In spite of the detail we put into the coaching series, we came to realize that many of you were hitting roadblocks.

Because of this we are tapping the shoulders of those of you out there that also need a little nudge.


You might not even realize it

We’re working very hard at putting a more detailed package together based on your most common questions, most common pitfalls and yes after seeing some of your marketing letters we came to realize some of you need help putting that together properly too.  The troubling part is we believe some of you might not even realize it.


The Private Lesson Package

We’re calling it the Private Lesson Package.  We can’t coach each of you personally at this time.  But this packet will be the closest thing.  It will include, several different copies of the marketing letters we use and one or two sent to us that missed the mark.  You’ll be able to see the service contracts we use, how our invoices look and insider tips and tricks that gave us a competitive edge.

If you’re serious about succeeding at this venture, if you want responses from your marketing letters, if you want your clients to use your services again and again, then you’re not going to want to pass the Private Lesson Package up!


No Need To Hire Anyone Else!

You won’t need to hire an attorney to write your service agreement, you won’t need to hire a copywriter to write your marketing letter, you’re going to see everything we use and you’ll be free to modify it to fit your needs.

So stay tuned we’ll be premiering this package in late March- early April.  If anyone out there wants to send us the Marketing Letters you used we may be able to critique it in the package as well.  Just send it to us and we’ll block out all the ‘private info’ and write about how to improve it!

Want to break away from the chain pharmacies? Need help getting started as an Independent Pharmacist? Want an advantage over the competition in your area? Check out our Starter Package!

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