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October Trick or Treat Special

by Marvin on October 1, 2012

in Successful Habits

Ok everyone are you ready for a treat? Aren’t you tired of all those chain pharmacy tricks?

For five days only, you’ll have a chance to get our Master Package, regularly priced at $249 for a whopping $100 dollars off or $149.00

At this rate, it’s about 4.97 a day for one month!  That’s less than a cup of Starbucks coffee. it’s less than 3 hours of your hourly pay or the cost of your favorite pair of shoes ladies!

Making the right moves at the right time could mean the difference between making it as a Contract Pharmacist and remaining a ghoulish slave to the big chains.

But, you say, your time gets eaten up with work, taking care of your family, fixing your house or getting ready for a night out.  After a long day, it’s hard to find time to research, study, creating just the right marketing letter, contract agreement or how your invoice is going to look.

Well, now there’s a way you can get world-class recommendations and expert, unbiased advice from a system proven to work by barely lifting a skeletal finger.

It’s called ‘The Private Lesson Manual’. This unique package contains the actual marketing letters, contract agreement and invoices we used to contract our services out.
Not only is this paperwork important, the tactics we employed to get the pharmacy owner to read your letter is supremely important.

Now you can join the ranks of other self-employed individuals and start securing your financial future with a special offer.  For the next week only, Oct 8th to the 12th, we will be selling the Master Series for only $149!

Imagine having more flexibility in your profession and work with owners who appreciate your services.  Just like others who’ve become independent.

You could eventually move to a pharmacy closer to your home, spend more time with your family, or spend just a little more time at the gym — all from the comfort of following our method and exerting hardly any effort.

And the best part is you can rest easy at night knowing that multiple clients mean extra security.

Your friends, neighbors and fellow pharmacists will marvel at the wealth of self-employment knowledge you’ll accumulate once you get started with the Private Lesson manual.

You have a lot to gain all for less than a month’s worth of Starbucks coffee.

Take the next step: Start building independence and freedom with the Private Lesson Manual now.  If you act as soon as the special begins, you could conceivably have a contract before Halloween!

Want to break away from the chain pharmacies? Need help getting started as an Independent Pharmacist? Want an advantage over the competition in your area? Check out our Starter Package!

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