My Friday Night Date With The Computer Geek

by Cindy on January 14, 2010

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I knew it was Bad Karma, WHY did I agree to help Friday?  I don’t work as much for the chain anymore, but when I do, Karma decides to give me a good kicking in my butt!

His name was Frank.  Our date was supposed to be around 4pm.  I received a phone call around 6 pm. He was running late.  Disappointed and anxious I kept looking at the clock. I just wanted him to show up.  Well, he did.  He showed up at 6:38 pm.  I was overjoyed to see him.  Our Friday Night Begins…

My Morning From Doom Begins

Every so often, I still work for Sam’s club.  Its by choice, I have no reason to leave the company.  When I decided to pursue my pharmacist contracting full time, I gave my district manager my resignation.  He suggested I stay on board and I could work as a relief pharmacist whenever I wanted.

I work a few times a year to fill in for some gaps.  I also like to help out fellow pharmacists who need a day off.  Most of all, because I don’t have to do this full-time, working a few times a year isn’t so bad anymore.

I opened the pharmacy at 9am. My morning clerk shows up and informs me that the regular tech is out today.

With over 20 in my fill queue and another 20 something in my trouble queue, and prescriptions in my input queue, I knew my day in “Pharmacy Doom” would begin.

Always in the RED zone

Every time I looked at my darn computer, I was back in the red zone.  Just that color puts a level of anxiety in me that is unexplainable.  Without a tech, I was running around like a mad woman.

I called the pharmacy manager to find out what was going on?   I needed a tech.  My customers were starting to get cranky and I just couldn’t get my multiple work queues out of the anxiety inducing RED zone.

My relief Tech

The relief tech arrived at 11:30.  I was so happy to see her.  She was awesome.  She drove 2 and ½ hours to come help at this store.  We started to catch up on the day.  I started to feel this day maybe wouldn’t be so bad.

Grumpy Pharmacist During Transfer

As busy as we get in the pharmacy, I do understand that transfers can be a hassle on an already stressful day.   But its part of our job.  And most of the time, I don’t mind.   It’s a common courtesy among pharmacy to pharmacy.

I called Walmart next door to get a transfer.

The pharmacist put me on hold for a quite a long time.

But I understand, they are busy next door.

When she did get on the phone, she was grumpy and frustrated.   She seemed annoyed with me.  Her tone of voice showed frustration.   She just filled all these prescriptions at her pharmacy and now had to return them to the shelf.   I felt bad.  It is those moments, that I wish I could just scream over the phone, “Would you like to do what I am doing?”.

She said “Why do they want it over there?  I just filled all 5 prescriptions and now I have to return it to stock.  Why do they make it so difficult and waste my time”.

Hey…I wasn’t in a great mood either.  My day too was chaotic.  As patiently, as I could I said “Look, we’re both tired and busy.  As much as you don’t want to give me the transfer, I also don’t want to take them,.  But the patient wants it here, so lets just try to take care of this patient together.

“Sigh….ok…” she replied.

Cranky customers

Since my morning tech wasn’t here, catching up took a little while.  By 2pm, two customers already yelled me at.   I can’t blame them, the wait time was a little over an hour. And the pick up register line was consistently long.

Laser Printer Died

Its 3:30 pm and my laser printer is repeatedly getting stuck.  I tried to fix it but I knew this printer needed help.  I called computer support and they let me know they were going to send someone to fix my laser printer.

I had too many to fill and repeatedly jammed laser printer.  I tried not to print too much at one time, because the printer was overheating.  So, I spaced my prescription checking far apart enough so the leaflets would print.

By 5:45…the laser printer completely stuck.  I wasn’t able to do any more prescriptions till the Computer guy came to my rescue.

My date night begins.

Its 6:30 pm and he’s 2 and ½ hours late, but I was so happy to see the computer guy arrive.  I let him know that too!  When your laser printer gives out in the middle of your day, it can be very stressful.  The only person, I really care to see at that moment is someone who can fix this problem for me.

Well, he couldn’t fix it.  He had to order an overnight tray.  We talked, we laughed.  I told him how thankful I was he made it.

My day on Friday, made me realize how grateful I feel doing my contracting. My days as a contractor isn’t always perfect and there are still some stressful days.  But I swear to you they are fewer and farther in between.

Maybe it’s the new environment I’m in, maybe it’s the clients I have, or maybe its me.

I feel differently as a pharmacist contractor.  I care more, because this is my business.   I have great clients who have never left me alone in the pharmacy!

For example, I have never been without enough tech support.  When a tech does call in sick, the pharmacist owner will usually serve as my tech.  It is these days that I appreciate being an independent pharmacist.

Tonight was a night that motivated to really push this information we have.  This is something I am passionate about and I believe in.  This is such a better way to practice.

Well, my Friday night turned out ok.  Computer geek didn’t fix the laser printer but promised me he would be there 1st thing Saturday morning to fix it.

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