Who Else Wants Less Stress and to Eat Cake in the Pharmacy?

by Cindy on November 29, 2009

in Motivational

Birthday cake

We just got back from our holiday trip to San Jose.

Its Sunday evening and I’m actually looking forward to going into work tomorrow.  Monday is our pharmacy driver’s birthday.  Its my fun job to pick up the cake!

Did you know some places don’t allow any food into the pharmacy?  Which means no cake on birthdays.

Some policies can become so ridiculous!

I feel for all of you who barely have time to squeeze a few bites of snacks between all the chaos that happens in the course of a day in your job.  Then to be told by upper management that food is no longer allowed in the pharmacy.

But I understand.  Because 3 years ago I was that pharmacist who snuck food into the pharmacy.  I would crawl into any hidden spot in the pharmacy that I could find to chew as fast as I could.

But somehow, customers would always see me and ask “Is that pharmacist eating, while I’m waiting for my prescription?”.

Just writing this is making my heart pound faster.  To this day I still haven’t fully re-trained myself to eat slow.  My husband nicknamed me “Hurricane Cindy”.

My days are much different now.  Contracting my services as an independent pharmacist allowed me to be less stressed and enjoy my cake in peace at work.

Working as an independent contractor allows you the flexibility to eventually choose your clients and which pharmacy sites are less stressful for you.

But in order to achieve this, you will need to take the necessary steps.

If you haven’t started, start with part one.

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photo by: Stephanie Wallace Photography

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