So You Want To Be An Independent Pharmacist?: A Foreward from… the Husband

by Marvin on November 3, 2009

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Well you came to the right place.

My pharmacist wife came home late one night, a little grumpy and depressed.   Complaining that she wished she could somehow practice being a pharmacist independently. I being her consummate coach and cheerleader, I told her maybe she could.

I, myself, had my own trials and tribulations in contracting my own services out in the computer field.  I felt that maybe the process I knew so well could work in her arena.

And that is basically how it all got started.

Taking the steps, for her, into the dark unknown.  And it’s been quite a journey.  A worthwhile journey.

One that I hope you would take with us as we break down how we did it.  How my wife widened the pinhole of possibilities by only being able to work for big chains like WalMart, Target and the like and how she unlocked the metal shackles holding her down and keeping her from taking that leap of faith.

We will take these steps with you.  We will show you how to become independent.  My first posts will focus on entrepreneurship and business concepts.  Cindy’s posts will focus on the benefits of being an independent pharmacist for both the pharmacist and our clients.  Eventually we’ll compile and organize our information into an easy to follow guide.

In a world full of we’re sure some of you would make good use of this information.  Because of the information we’re about to reveal here I’ve never seen my wife happier and I”d like to share this with you and see a whole lot of you out there a little happier too.

So, please when you feel the impulse leave us a comment and interact with us.  Let us know how we’re doing.

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1 Chireen Bradshaw April 7, 2011 at 8:26 pm

I’m back & busy reading the rest of your site. Love it!! I do have 1 suggestion that I would LOVE to see on your site.

I’d love to see a Q&A page, that is basically just a “Comment” page where people like me can post a question & you can respond. I’m sure the questions & answers would be beneficial to anyone considering contracting, as I’m sure many of us may have some of the same questions. Or someone may ask a question I never thought of, etc.

I have a list going of about 6 or so questions so far. Thought I’d just suggest a Q&A page rather than sending you questions via email. I’ve got 2 years before I’m out of pharmacy school, which is a good amount of time to ask a LOT of questions! :)

I greatly appreciate your site and your willingness to share your expertise with me (and others)! Thanks so much!


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