If Your Wondering Where We Been……Then Read This

by Cindy on December 6, 2010

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It has been many months since I last posted.  My husband and I have been busy with family, friends and work.

I’m still working 4 days a week as an independent contractor.  If you remember some of my last posts,  I had lost a client due to his business shutting down.  I had intended to use this as an opportunity to show all of you how easy this really is.  But before I could write more about it, I was booked solid for the next few months!

Now in my spare time, I’m quite busy with my almost 3yr old daughter.

I’m also 7 months pregnant.  One of the reasons I haven’t been posting was not feeling well during the pregnancy.  This pregnancy has been a little difficult.  I was on bed rest early on due to some bleeding and then feeling nauseous for 4 months.

We are very thankful that we are pregnant.  I suffered a miscarriage in October of last year. Anyone that has gone through one knows exactly how difficult and sad it is.  I was really depressed for a week and sent Marvin to Baskin Robbins several times for some ice cream therapy!

During the pregnancy that miscarried, the doctor also found a dermoid cyst that needed to be removed.  So I had a D and C then surgery a month later.  It was an emotionally tough time for us.  Fortunately, we did get pregnant again and in a few months we will meet our baby girl.

Marvin has also been quite busy and therefore has postponed writing the coaching series.

He accepted a full time position with a prestigious company that works with artificial intelligence.  He is still working with his clients on his minimal spare time.   But rest assured, I’ve already talked to him about releasing the next coaching series!

We have every intention on releasing more articles, just give us some time.  The emails we have received motivates us to keep this going.  We realize how important it is for us to get this information out there so we can help pharmacists be happier practicing pharmacy.

Thank you all for visiting the site, commenting, and emailing us.  Please email questions to Marvin directly.  And questions to me directly.  Stay posted for the release of the next coaching series.

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