I Just Lost a Client, Why am I so Tickled Pink?

by Cindy on December 16, 2009

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Tickled Pink

“We are closing the pharmacy”.  The news came earlier than expected.

I had a feeling for a while; my client was having some trouble.

It wasn’t the economy; a recession is great for the pharmacy business.  People are sicker then ever, and around this season most pharmacies are doing well.

My client called Sunday night. The pharmacy will be closed by the end of this week.

I wasn’t surprised. I felt sad and disappointed.

I’ve been with them for a year now.  I enjoyed working with them. I liked the owners, the staff and basically loved the pharmacy.

Learn From Your Mistakes and Succeed at Your Next Try

Looking back I made a poor choice.  I left one stable pharmacy to work at this one.

I choose to ignore concerns.  This pharmacy was close to home.  I couldn’t say “No” when they offered to use my services.

I felt confident; if something didn’t work out I could always find a new client.  This would always be my back up plan.

It took me quite a while to fall asleep that night.

Being Outside the Door When it Swings Open

I woke Monday morning feeling renewed.  A door has opened for me.

This is an opportunity for me to find a new client.  I almost forgot how thrilling this process can be.

I ‘m ready.  I have all the necessary tools and foundations to make this work.

Those who succeed walk through doors of opportunity when they’re open.  The key to success is being ready and outside when it swings open.

Putting My Money Where my Mouth is

Our strategies work.  I know it does because I’ve proved it to myself time and time again.

I’m going to find a new client for myself.  It’s been awhile, but this couldn’t happen at a better time.  I get to share with all of you this process.

Be patient with me.  I want to take some time off to enjoy my Holidays and the beginning of the New Year.

Early next year, I will share my progress with all of you!

What I Did Right

If you want to contract your services full time it is important to have multiple clients.  Any pharmacy including a particular store in a chain can close.  If you lose one client, you still have other clients to rely on.  You would only be out of partial income, versus a full income.

Another benefit is existing clients will usually offer you an extra day if it’s available.

I called a client I work for every Thursday and every other Friday.  By letting her know I was available for an extra day she offered me every Tuesday starting next year.  I accepted.

My Upcoming Business Plans

For now I have decided to send out marketing letters and find a new client.  My schedule is booked 3-4 days a week.  I’m going to find another client who can use my services one day a week or on a relief basis.

This is going to be an enjoyable ride and I will share with you every step I take.

I’ll be on vacation for the holidays, and once I’m back and fully rested, I will keep you posted on my progress.

I feel badly I lost a client, but I am tickled pink to go through this process with all of you.

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