How We Can Rebuild The Pharmacy Community

Pharmacy Community

by Cindy on November 26, 2009

in Networking

I read a commentary recently in the September 2009 issue of Drug Topics, written by Jim Plagakis, RPH titled “Community Lost“.

For those of you who haven’t read it, here’s a recap. Jim Plagakis mentioned a fellow pharmacist who was unhappy and stressed at his current pharmacy job. Mr. Plagakis advised him to work for a different pharmacy.  And to start by asking fellow pharmacist friends for any opening.

This guy had “no pharmacist friends”. He had no one to refer him to a better work place.

Jim’s point was our circle of fellow pharmacist, colleagues and friendships with each other have essentially been lost.

This article got me thinking. I felt, I could relate to Jim’s point.

I started basically alone.  With the exception of my husband, I knew no pharmacist who have done this.   I didn’t have a pharmacy network to rely on or ask questions.

3 years later, our worthwhile journey has opened up opportunities everywhere.

The way I see it, by being self-employed I created my own network of pharmacists. Through this network, I have other pharmacists who understand the struggles we have to deal with in our profession.

In my community, I have owners who have helped me in more ways than I have ever expected.

For example, when I had daycare issues, my clients offered to let me bring my baby to work.

Or when I had some health concerns, they offered to give me time off to recover from my health issues and even an extended time to just relax and be with my family.

This never happened when I was an employee.  There is no option in corporate to request time off for a “mental break”.

Being a self-employed relief pharmacist provides us a perfect opportunity to build a community of like minded pharmacists.  Pharmacists who own pharmacies and pharmacists who contract their services out.

What do you guys think? Have we, as Jim puts it, lost out community?

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