4 Essential Independent Pharmacist Business Tips from Donald Trump

by Marvin on December 11, 2009

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Donald Trump the American business magnate, socialite, author and television personality.  Some people LOVE him. Some people HATE him.  If you’ve caught him in the news you’ll know he’s no stranger to failure.  I’ll let you in on a secret…  He’s no stranger to making a successful comeback either.

In spite of what you may think, he can teach us more than a few tips about constructing a successful business.

Here are four building blocks to assembling and maintaining a successful Self-Employed Contract Pharmacist Business that we all can learn from “The Donald”.

1. Setup the foundation for business
Do you think Mr. Trump starts making deals without making sure his business is prepared?  No way, he makes sure everything on his side is set up for whatever venture he starts.

Setting up the foundation for your business is a must.  When you setup the foundation, you are establishing a business presence.  It must be clear to the world, your clients, to the IRS and most importantly, to yourself that you are a business.

By putting together the building blocks of your business, you build habits that every contract pharmacist should implement, develop and maintain.  It develops your business/entrepreneurial mindset.

2. Build a rock-solid reputation
What’s the first thing “The Donald” does when he starts a venture?  He makes sure his name is on it.  You cannot build a billion dollar business on a bad reputation.  Critics can’t deny that.

A good reputation will unquestionably be you’re most tangible and marketable asset.

You earn a good reputation by honoring your promises and being flexible.  If you promise to meet a client Wednesday at 10:00 am, you have no excuse.  Reliability and trust are key to how clients will see and think of you.

When you are consistent on a regular basis and provide the same high level of service, clients will trust you and learn to depend on you.

3. A never give up attitude
There were times when Mr. Trump was on the verge of bankruptcy, I believe one of his ventures is in trouble today.  But if it’s one thing I know it’s that he’ll always comes back.  He doesn’t give up and he doesn’t quit.

You can get tons of tips and advice along the way, but dedication, hard work, plus the wherewithal to overcome obstacles are the key components to success.

4. Enjoy being a contract pharmacist
You think Donald Trump likes what he does?  He doesn’t.  I’m serious he doesn’t.  He loves it.  He absolutely LOVES it.  You can see it in what he does.  When he talks about his business, you see his enthusiasm.

What you get out of being a contract pharmacist will be as important as what you put into your business.  The more you enjoy yourself as a contract pharmacist, the more likely it will reflect on yourself, and therefore the success of your business.  Do whatever you can to make your service more enjoyable so you can love it too.

You must have heard the old adage “Do what you enjoy and most likely you will succeed”.  Whatever brought you to pharmacy must have come from a strong urge to serve and help people.  Most of the pharmacists I’ve met, (even the angry ones) have that deep within them.

Regardless of the difficulties enjoy and take pride in the service you provide for others.

Okay — so those were the four essential business tips from Donald Trump.

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