Are You Stuck Working For The Holidays?

by Cindy on November 18, 2009

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Can you believe the holiday season is around the corner?  My husband and I recently made our plans for the holidays.  This year we’re going to San Jose for Thanksgiving and Vegas for Christmas.  Planning our  trip reminded me how lucky I feel not having to work holidays nor on weekends anymore.

It wasn’t always like this.  Back when I was working full time for a large retail chain pharmacy I wasn’t allowed to request any vacation days from November through December and the beginning of January.

Most of my holidays were spent working or at least working the day after a major holiday.  This would usually mean I wouldn’t be able to travel to visit family and friends.

There was even one place I worked at for a few months where holidays off were based on seniority.  Sure this place had great benefits, especially if you were there a long time.

But me being the newest member of the pharmacy team meant I was stuck working the majority of the holiday season.  I remember looking at the other pharmacists who were several decades older than myself and thinking “OMG…..these pharmacists have years of seniority over myself that they will have to retire or die before I become the employee with seniority”.

When I realized I was working 4th of July and many of the upcoming holidays, I chose to give my 2 weeks notice.

This holiday season I am very thankful for being self-employed and practicing in a pharmacy setting that I am happy with and enjoy.  I have the best clients.  And because my clients consists of pharmacist owners who care about their quality of family life, we are able to close the pharmacy on all major holidays.

I have been lucky to not work during the holidays since 2006.  And this Thanksgiving I am looking forward to spending some time with a good college of pharmacy friend of mine.

As for her, she will be working Thanksgiving day!

So come on guys, what are you doing for the holidays?  Do you have to work or not?

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